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Why do we do digital scrapbooking?

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I’m an old timer when it comes to digital scrapbooking. My first layout was created in 2005, after my cousin Brenda had convinced me that digital scrapbooking was something that I would enjoy doing. Little did I know that with the creation of that first layout, my path with this hobby would be long and enjoyable and it would give me a new outlook on life.

We recently moved, and all our belongs are rearranged in our house. During the unpacking, I came across the 2 books that I have created using my digital scrapbooking layouts. One was created in 2005, and contains layouts done with my daughter (born 2002). The second was done in 2008 and contains photos of my daughter and son (born 2007). The books ended up on the coffee table where my 10 year old daughter found them.

We all say “I do this to preserve memories”. It’s a great concept but up until this morning, I didn’t really fully understand how my preserving memories would enrich my child’s life.

I sat watching my daughter look through these books. She sat with her legs crossed and a smile on her face while she focused intently to the words on the page and the photos that sprinkled each page. I watched her as she smiled bigger or casually laughed. I watched as she turned the page and pounced upon the next layout, demanding to know what she did in memories that don’t exist in her mind.

She asked questions. She made observations. Every now and then she would say “Oh, I remember that!”. When she finished with the book, she closed the pages and we talked about other things she remembered from the time range in the books.

In that moment this morning, the words “I do this to preserve memories” grew wings and became a living, breathing, understanding. It was no longer words. It was no longer a slogan. It was real. I finally got it. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that my daughter would sit and look at these layouts in such a way that showed how important those layouts were to her. They have always been important to me, but today they became important to her too. Someday, her children will look through the book and it will become important to them as well. The legacy of our layouts is forever. And that is why we do this.

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