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Using Split Photo Templates

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Using Split Photos

Hey Everyone, Monica here with another fun tutorial for you! Today I’ll be talking about Using Split Photos. I’ll be using *Magic Stacks Set 1* by Kathryn Estry and *Just Being Me* by Created By Jill Scraps.


Split photos are a fun way to do a little something extra on your page. I love to use split photo templates on my page. It adds a special effect to my photo and is something different than just a square, rectangle or circle photo. Kathryn Estry has quite a few sets of Split Photo Templates in the Gotta Pixel Store. You can see them here.

Using a Split Photo Template

Once you choose which one you want to use you can open it onto the scrapbook page you want to use it on. Kathryn makes her large so you can resize them easy!


Now you need to decide what photo you want to use. I chose this one of my puppy in the pool.


As you can see the split template is a bit large so I’m going to need to reduce it. Since the split photo is in two separate layers I need to move my photo Behind the white layer. This white layer is just a frame around the photo.


Now I need to group my photo to the black layer. I do this by holding Control + Alt + G.


Now my photo is not fitting correctly so I need to adjust the split photo template. I’m going to do this by selecting the white frame layer and the black layer in my layers palette.


Now I will just rotate the split photo template until I like the way it looks. I will also resize the split photo template to make it work with my photo.


Now I have it the way I want it! You can see that my Pup’s face is not broken but yet you can see that he is in a pool on a float!

Final Thoughts

When you use split photo templates you want to be aware of where you split the photo. You want to make sure not to cut someone in half or chop off part of their face. I like using them on landscape photos too. It’s a great way to add a different feel to your page!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions please message me on Gotta Pixel, I’m sparky_mom there! I’ll be glad to help!

Here is my Finished Page!


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