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How to use Quick Pages

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How to use Quick Pages

Hello Everyone! Monica here with another Fun Tutorial! We are going to be talking about Quick Pages today! The quick pages I’ll be using today are *Roar Quick Pages* and *Roar Kit* by Connie Prince. For this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS 6. I have tested these instructions in PSE 11 and they will work.
What is a Quick Page.

A quick page is a pre-designed digital scrapbook page with photo cut outs for inserting your own pictures. So rather than you having to arrange papers and elements to create a scrapbook page from scratch, you need only insert your own photos into the design. Quick pages are come as a single PNG files because the PNG format supports the transparency required for the photos.

Step One — Getting Started.

You will need to open the quick page you would like to use and the photos you want. As you can see I opened one Quick page with two photo spots and two photos of my puppy.

Step Two — Arranging the photos.

You will now want to move your photos onto your quick page.


Now you will need to resize your photos. Be sure to resize them proportionally. You don’t want them to look squished or elongated. To do so in I hold down Shift while I drag the corner. Or I can hit the lock button to keep the proportions correct.



Now that you have your images resized you want to move them behind your quick page.


Arrange the photos so that they show in the photo areas. If you have some of your photo overlapping like I do then you simply erase the part of the photo that is showing. You can use your magic wand tool to select the photo area on the quick page and delete the extra part of the photo or you can simply use your eraser tool to remove the unwanted photo area.



Step Three — Finishing your page.

Now that you have your photo’s in place you add any journaling, title work or dates that you would like and save your page. Quick Pages really are quick when you know how to use them!


Final Thoughts.

Sometimes a quick page needs a little something more. Maybe another color flower or a ribbon. If you have the kit that matches the quick page feel free to add these things. The Designers make the quick pages as a base or for you to make a quick layout with. Sometimes I like to add an extra flower or a small corner cluster to make the page my own.

SleepyPup-cap jb roarQP3

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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