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How to use Pre-Decorated Papers

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Hello Everyone!! Monica here, Today I’d like to talk to you about using Pre-Decorated Papers. I love Pre-Decorated papers. They are pretty and can help you make a layout quickly! Lots of designers make them. I’m going to show you two different types that designers make.  For this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS 6.  I have tested these instructions in PSE 11 and they will work.

How to use Pre-Decorated Papers

I’ll be using Frosty and Frozen PreDeco Paper, Frosty and Frozen Word-Art and Frosty and Frozen Clusters by Connie Prince. I’ll also be using Teal for Two Stacked Papers and Teal for Two Kit by Kristmess Designs.

Getting Started — What is a Pre-Decorated Paper

A Pre-Decorated Paper is basically a stack of papers decorated with elements from a kit. They can be used as a background for your page. I like to use word arts and clusters on them to make a fast page. You can use the kit that matches them and make your own cluster and just use the pre-decorated paper as a starter. Some pre-decorated pages have the cluster as another layer so that you can tuck your photos underneath.

Using Flattened Pre-Decorated Papers

You will want to start by opening a Pre-Decorated paper. Choose any one that you like.


Now you will want to place your photo’s or elements or a cluster that matches the kit. . There really is no limit as to what you can add.

I have opened a cluster and a word art. And I have resized them to fit on the page. Since the designer takes the time to shadow these you don’t have to add any shadows!


I have now added a photo. You will want to make sure you photo does not stick out past your cluster if you used one! That is all there is too it. You can add some journaling if you would like and save your page!


Using Layered Pre-Decorated Papers

As you can see you will want to open both layers of the redecorated paper. The bottom layer has the papers stacked up and the top layer has the clusters you can tuck things under.


Now You want to drag the cluster layer on top of paper stack.


Now you just add photos, elements, clusters, journaling or word art. There really is no limit as to what you can add. Here is what I have done. You can see how I tucked something’s under the cluster that I moved onto the paper stack. Make sure you add your shadows on the elements you add.


Thanks for reading the tutorial! I hope you have enjoyed it!

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