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How to upload to the Gallery and Multiple Galleries

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How to upload to the Gallery and Multiple Galleries

Hello Everyone! Monica here with another tutorial for you! I’d like to talk about how to upload your layout to multiple galleries. This is a great option for you to use in order to put your layout into different galleries at Gotta Pixel. Today I will be using a layout I made for the March Photo Mask Challenge.  This layout uses a mask created by Indigo Designs for the March Photo Mask Challenge and also uses Sassy and Classy Kit by Word Art World.

Step One – Uploading to the Gallery

The layout I created I want to put it in these galleries. Word Art World, Indigo Designs, and Photo Mask. To do this you first need to open the GP Gallery.


I use the quick upload area to get my page uploaded.


You don’t have to use that thought. You can click on Upload Photos. Or you can click on Upload Multiple Layouts


Either way is fine. I’m going to be using the Quick Upload for this tutorial because I only have one page to upload.

You will see a drop down tab that says member galleries. You want to choose a gallery from there. I’m going to choose the Photo Mask Gallery.


What you need to do now is click choose file and choose the file from your computer. This will open up a box for you to choose where you want to upload from.


You can go ahead and enter a title and a description now. Then click submit.



Step Two – Adding your page to multiple galleries

Now that you have it uploaded you want to make sure you have your credits in the proper area. Add any fonts you used if you want and what program you used.


Now that you have that done look up at the top and you will see two Optional Category drop down tabs.


You can choose two extra galleries here. I am choosing Indigo Designs and Wordart World by Jennifer.


Now you can submit your page. Don’t worry, If you still have more galleries to add too I will show you how! My page is now uploaded and it’s in the gallery.


Now you want to click on your page so that it opens up full screen.


If you look under Additional Info you will see Additional Categories. You can see that it shows the two additional galleries I wanted it in.


Scroll down and you will see Edit Photo


Click on Edit photo and you will have ONE extra drop down spot to add your page to another gallery.


For this tutorial I am going to choose the 1 Photo Gallery.


Now scroll down and click submit.


Now if you look at the Additional Info you will see that it has added the 1 Photo Gallery.


Now if you have another gallery you can do this again and again until you have it in all of the galleries you want. Just remember every gallery you add it to counts toward your daily limit at Gotta Pixel.

Final Thoughts

This little trick will help you whenever you need to add more than three galleries. You do not have to do this though. It’s good anytime you use more than one kit so that it goes in each designers gallery so they can see that you have used their kit! Designers love seeing your creations!!

Thanks for reading this Tutorial!

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