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Taming your Closet on a Budget

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Taiming your Closet on a Budget

Since I was a little kid, my closet was my biggest pain point.  We always lived in homes that had really tiny closest so organizing everything I needed to put into it was tasking.  Even as an adult, I’m on the lookout on cheap ways to tame my closet.

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Easy air fresherners

Use In-Wash fresheners to make it smell nice


I love the smell of my in-wash freshener so this idea was well received!  I keep these in my dresser as well as the closet.  I even have one in my car (I stick them under a seat).  There are so many ways you can use these to make things smell better!

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Games and Puzzles

Outfit organizer for board games


We play board games several time a week while we eat dinner so our closet has about 50 different games that we play often.  The problem is that when you take one off the bottom of the shelf, you tip over several that are stacked on top of it.  This idea gives you the chance to break them up into smaller stacks and use closet space that might not be used otherwise!

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Organize with bins

Use Bins to organize the closet


I love these kind of bins.  Love love love them.  I love how organized and perfect they look all lined up.  You can buy your bins or make them yourself but the end result gives you such a beautifully arranged shelf!

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Use the dead space

Use the dead space for wrapping paper


I stock up on Christmas paper after the season is over and they have it on clearance.  My last trip netted me 4 rolls for $0.29 each!  The problem is… I forget sometimes where I put it when it comes time to use it again.  Yes… I forget where I put it (hangs head in shame).  I took this idea and recreated it in my craft storage area so now I know exactly where I left my wrapping paper!

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Turn your hangers around

Turn your Hangers Around


We do this every 6 months.  On the first day of the of January I go through my entire closet and turn everything around.  When I wear the outfit, wash and rehang it, the hanger is put back on the normal way.  On July 1, I go through my closet and if there is any piece of clothing that still has a hanger facing backwards I donate them.  Once I have everything taken down for donation, I turn everything around again and do the same as before.  There are some things I do not do this with, like dresses that may only get worn once a year.  My husband has started doing this as well and it has worked wonderfully.

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Non slip hangers

No Slip Hangers


I used the glue solution for my hangers.  This is a quick and easy way of getting the same result with cheap plastic hangers and a fraction of the cost.

Taiming your Closet on a Budget - Tanktop Organization

Use Shower Hooks for Tank Tops


Oh gosh I wish I had seen this years ago.  I wear tank tops almost daily, so I have a lot of them.  I really disliked that each one required a hanger and a hanger that I could loop the straps into so they wouldn’t slide off.  This idea is perfect!  Add in that it is easier to color code them and I’m in heaven!

How have you organized your closet?  Share your ideas and pins in the comments!

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