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How to send a private message

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How to send a private message

Hey Everyone, Monica here with another fun tutorial for you! Today I’ll be talking about how to send a private message in the Gotta Pixel Forum.


Private messages are a great way to chat with your friends or ask questions or even simply to say hello to someone new! Making friends in the forum is a great way to meet new people and maybe even learn something new!

Sending a Private Message

You want to go to the Forum,, then up top where you see your user name. Click on Notifications.


It will open up a box like this


If you click on that box you will be taken to your inbox.


If you look over on the left you will see Send New Message.


By Clicking on Send New Message you can send a message to any member who allows private messages.


Be sure that if you send to more than one member you add a semi-colon ‘;’.


Now you can add a title to your Message. The title can be what ever you like, a simple hello or even I like your layout


Now you are ready to add the body of the message. You can say what ever you like.


Once you are finished typing what you want you can send it by clicking submit message.


That is all there is to sending a Private Message!

Final Thoughts

I love to send private messages to people when I scrap lift their page so that they know they have inspired me. Sometimes if I notice a new member posting I’ll message them to say hello and try to get to know them.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions please message me on Gotta Pixel, I’m sparky_mom there! I’ll be glad to help!

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