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Re-Coloring Elements to match your Photos in PSE

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I’m seriously anal about my elements picking up color in my photos and, lucky for me,  PSE and PS have lots of ways to make this happen regardless of the original color of the element.   In my photo, I loved the deep purple of the iris, but I wanted to use the beautiful spring Pixel Club Exclusive kit by PrelestnayaP…Spring Harmony. All the colors except the one cyan flower are perfect. So, let’s get started.  Remember there are always LOTS of ways to do things in PSE, this is just one of the ways to change color.

  1. Open the photo(s) that you want to scrap and the element that you would like to recolor. I my case, it’s the cyan colored flower that looks a little like an Iris. We don’t want to color the stem, just the flower.   sc01
  2. Making sure that you are on the flower element, add a Hue and Saturation Adjustment layer by clicking on the Half blue/Half White circle at the top of the levels palette. Be sure to click the little box at the bottom to clip this adjustment layer to the flower layer. Some of you may see the adjustment layer in the palette bar like mine or you may see a stand alone window (elements default). sc02 sc03
  3. Now that you have your adjustment layer, click on the the CHANNEL drop down box and chose the color you want to change. In my case, I want to change the CYAN. sc04
  4. Sometimes it’s not clear what color you need to pick…I often pick green only to find that it’s the yellow channel I need to change. There are also some additional channels like RED2 and YELLOW2, that don’t show in the list.  So, it’s always a good idea to check your color choice.  To verify that you have picked the right channel, click on the Sample eyedropper (the one furthest to the left) and then click on the element on the color that you want to adjust. I clicked on the flower. sc05
  5. PSE agrees that Cyan is the right color! Now I just need to play with the sliders till i get the color I want.   In this case, all I needed to do was move the Hue slider till the flower was the right shade.   Sometimes, you’ll need to play with the other two sliders to get it just right, but start with the hue.   sc07
  6. Perfect!!! Now I just need to do a merge down, so that I’m back to one layer and it’s just a regular element for your use at this point.   You can do this by clicking on LAYER (along the top menu) and then MERGE DOWN or use the quick keys, CNTL + E.   I often go ahead and save it in the kit so I can use it again later.  If you do that, be sure to do a SAVE AS and create a new name, then save it as a PNG file type so it’s like all the other elements.  When you merge down, you will notice that your adjustment layer panel, no longer has an adjustment.  sc09a


  1. You are now ready to scrap with your perfectly matched element! Here’s my final layout, using Pixel Club Exclusive Spring Harmony kit and Kristmess’ beautiful Spwing Wabbits Alpha (also recolored).  Did I mention I was anal????    sc10


Happy Scrapping!

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