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Placing an Image in Your Post

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Placing an Image in Your Post

If you join any challenge at Gotta Pixel, you will want to know how to place an image of your gallery layout into your post. This tutorial will teach you how to insert a full-size image as well a thumbnail size.

Gallery screen shot

Once you have uploaded your layout, you will see a page like this. If you look to the bottom right-hand side, there is a box titled Additional Info. There are four boxes with link addresses–I will talk about the first three.

  • Linked Thumb: This is the complete code that you need to insert a linked thumbnail image into your forum post.
  • Linked Image: This is the complete code that you need to insert a linked full-size image into your post.
  • Direct Link: This is the web address of your image in the gallery without the additional code.

Step 1 – Inserting a Full-Size Linked Image into Your Forum Post

Screen shot showing code for linked image

  1. In the gallery, copy the Linked Image by clicking inside the second box and press Ctl C (or right-click COPY).
  2. Go to the forum thread where you want to post your image and click on Reply. I posted this image in the Photo Mask Challenge thread. Paste the code directly into the post. It will look like the code you see above.
  3. You can just Submit Reply to complete your post or Go Advanced and choose Preview Post. Then you will see your image and know that it copied correctly.

Step 2 – Copying a Thumbnail Linked Image into Your Post

Use the exact same steps above except in your gallery post, click inside the first box, Linked Thumb. This will result in a thumbnail size image with a direct link to your gallery layout.

Step 3 – Using the Direct Link to Insert an Image

You can insert images that are hosted places other than at Gotta Pixel (such as Photobucket or your computer). To do this you will need to have the direct link for the image. I will show an example using the Direct Link in the gallery. Using this method does not result in a linked image.

  1. Copy the link for your image. In the Gotta Pixel gallery, this is the third box.
  2. In your forum post, click on the Insert Image icon at the top of your reply box.
  3. Insert Image BoxThis will open up the Insert Image dialog box.Insert Image Dialog Box
  4. Copy your link into the URL box. Uncheck “Retrieve remote file and reference locally”. This will put your image in the post but the image is not linked.

Step 4 – Forum Post Results

Posting your gallery image using the Linked Image code is fast and easy because it cuts out extra steps for you. Your final result should look like the post below. The image will be linked to your gallery so people can leave comments. There is no need to create an additional link.

Forum post with image

 If you have questions about this tutorial or would like to request a tutorial, please visit and post to the Tutorial Help & Request forum.

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