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Photos-Cool them down or Warm them up in PSE

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  1. Open Photoshop Elements. Screen prints and instructions are for PSE 14, but it will work with any version.  You just may need to look around for the tools…some of them have moved over the years.    Next open a photo that was taken in shade or a snow/shade pic that looks too blue.   If you don’t have one, the picture that I’m using can be downloaded here.  When taking photos in the shade, your camera will pick up more blue color than it will in full sun.   Snow photos are just tough because the sheer magnitude of white, confuses your camera.  It wants to drop down the brightness (exposure). Indoor shots with incandescent lighting (no flash) do the opposite.  Your camera will pick up more of the orange/yellow tones.  All this assumes you use the auto setting of you camera.   For those of you more adventurous than I am, with a camera, you are probably fixing this before you shoot!   But for those of us who love our point and shoot cameras, this little tip will come in handy. cool 01
  1. Over in your layers panel, click on the add adjustment layer icon (circle- half blue, half white). This will bring up a list of the available adjustment layers.   Choose Photo Filter.  There is a drop down box to choose a specific filter, but the default is the one we want. Be sure and click the little box way down in the lower left corner to “clip” the adjustment to your photo.  You can tell if it’s clipped because the layer masks will NOT line up.   Because of the way I have set up my desktop, my adjustment layer shows up in the panel.   Your’s may show up as a stand alone window, as seen in the second screen print.   You can close this window after you have “clipped” the adjustment to the 02 cool 03
  1. To see the level (strength) of your change, toggle the little eye on the adjustment layer, off and on, and watch the change to your photo. If it’s not warm enough, do it all again and add another photo filter adjustment.  You can go back through the previous steps or you can just hit CNTL/J to duplicate the adjustment layer…don’t forget to “clip” it.   A shortcut key to clip, is CNTL/G.  cool 04
    cool 05
  2. Ok, I’ve got my second adjustment layer and now it’s too pink!!! What I really need is one and a half adjustment layers!   Easy to do…just lower the Opacity of the second adjustment layout.   Make sure you have that layer selected, then change the opacity (right above) to wherever you think it looks best.  I personally thought 40% was 06
  1. At this point, I like to link my layers . They can still get separated if you drop something in between but at least you can see who should be linked with who!   Select all three layers by holding down the CNTL key while you click each layer then click any one of the little paperclips…they will turn yellow for the layers 07
  1. Time to scrap! I used Kristmess’ beautiful Christmas Cardinals Pixel Club Exclusive and the coordinating Daily Download.   Now that I have a white frame around the photo, I think that my snow is still just a little too pink.    cool 08
  2. So I played with turning the adjustment levels off and on as well as playing with their opacity till I got the photo white to look great with the frame white. I ended up not using the second photo filter layer at all while keeping the first one at 100%. I left it there, just toggled the little eye off.  This is why all my tutorials will usually feature Non-Destructive photo fixes…I change my mind too much!!!!  Here’s my final layout!     cool 10
  1. To remove orange/yellow skin tone, follow the instructions above for adding a photo filter adjustment level. But instead of using the default filter, you will open the drop down box inside the photo filter adjustment window and select the first cooling filter.warm 01 warm 02
  1. Unlike the warming filter, the cooling filter is almost always too much! Lower the opacity till it looks good to you! Look at the back wall in the photo above.  You can see some blue in there and I know that there is no blue in that wall.   I thought 70% looked good, but because it’s just an adjustment layer it can be modified again and again.
    warm 05

Happy scrapping everyone!!!   Hope you enjoyed this Tip.   PM me if you have questions or tutorial requests.  Can’t wait to see your layouts!!!

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