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Monday Muse, How do you decide on a font?

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Awhile back one of our members, Joanne, posted the following about our Friday Fonts…

Hi Stacy, thank you for taking the time to find these fantastic fonts. I have a question though, “How do you decide which font to use on your pages?”
thanks for answering, Joanne

Thank you for the question Joanne!

I have found that picking out a font is an emotional act.  Not just any font is going to work on every layout.  I scrap a lot of emotional layouts, because those seem to be the more important moments in my life.  A recent one I did of a photo shoot that I have with my daughter needed an elegant font to go with the picture and feeling behind it.


For my journaling, I knew that I needed to have a scripty type of font.

What I typically do is write out the journaling or title that I want on my layout and then I will highlight it all and change the fonts in Photoshop Elements.  You can scroll down through the different fonts so that it keeps changing them.  I do this until I find the “perfect” font that reflects the feeling and emotion that I want the journaling to have.

Sometimes, I need a specific font to go with the layout.  One from a long time ago needed to have a feel of a Wanted ad.

I actually went out and found the fonts I needed on the internet and installed them and tried them out.

The best advise is, install lots of fonts, experiment with them all, and find the emotion that you want to portray through them!

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