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How to make a bridal shower candy bar game in Photoshop!

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How to make a bridal shower candy bar game in Photoshop

Hello Everyone! Monica here, today we are going to be talking about those fun candy bar game boards people are using for bridal showers and baby showers! For this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS 6. I will be using Unconditional by Connie Prince.


The growing trend right now seems to be Candy Bar games! I’m sure you have seen them or maybe been to a shower where you played one. They are fun! Most of the ones I’ve seen have been just printed on plain paper! I think it would be fun to customize them a bit more than just a printed piece of paper! So today I’m going to show you how I would make one for a bridal shower! If you need help with the clues and the answers you can go here. >> Candy Bar Game Clues << There is a list you can use!

Step One – Getting started

You will want to start by opening a blank canvas that is the size of a piece of paper. Most standard printer paper is 8.5 inches x 11 inches.


I am going to use a scrap booking kit so I have that open as well. I also want to use some extracted candy bar photos on my page so I have those open as well. If you need help with Extractions please see this tutorial >> Extractions and Out of Bounds Techniques <<


You can leave your background white or change it to the color of your kit or party. Some brides like to have their wedding colors included into the party. Since you are going to print these keep in mind that you will want to use a more neutral background so that it’s easy to read! These can be printed at home or at a print center! For mine I’m going to use a neutral background!


You can print these on colored paper to save on ink!

Step Two – Adding the text

You will want to add a title up top. You can do any title you want! You can use the name of the bride or the baby, you could just use Candy Bar Game, or you could do something simple like Love Sweet Love, Oh So Sweet, Candy Match, Sweet On You or Name that Candy! The title is totally up to you!

Be sure to play around with your fonts! Use different fonts and different colors to make your page more interesting!!


You can add a short description to explain how to play the game or you can give verbal instructions!


Now you can add the clues and answers. Be sure to mix up the clues so that they are not directly across from the answers!

I am giving my clues letters so that they can write the letters in the blank line on the right hand side! I drew the blank lines with my paint brush.


Step Three — Finishing up

Now that I have the game board put together I want to use my candy that I extracted. I also want to add some clusters to make it pretty! You can create yours anyway you want!


Final thoughts

This is a fun way to show off your scrapbook skills at any party you throw! You can use these instructions for any game board you want to create! This would be fun for a house warming party! I’ve done this for a baby shower where they had to guess what baby items matched up with the description! Be creative and make your party memorable! You never know who might want you to create one for the next shower or party that they throw!

Also don’t forget to print your answers somewhere so you can let everyone know the correct answers!

Here is my finished game!


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