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What to do with that layout when you’re all done?

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One of the most commonly asked question I hear is “What can you do with the digital scrapbook layout after you have it finished.  Unlike traditional paper scrapbooking, which has a pretty clear cut answer, the freedom and versatility of digital scrapbook allows you to do a lot of different things after you are finished!

Share in a Gallery or social media

Many of our members upload their finished layouts to our online gallery.  There is a tutorial on how to upload to our gallery here.

Some things to think about

Open, Semi Open, Closed Galleries

Many sites restrict uploads to layouts that only have their store’s products.  These are referred to as closed galleries.

Some sites require that a certain number or percentage of your layout include their store’s products.  These are referred to as semi-open galleries.  Gotta Pixel is currently a semi-closed gallery.

A few sites are allow you to upload any layout using any store’s products.  These are referred to as open galleries.

Resizing your layout for uploading

The majority of galleries have size restrictions established for the layout you are going to upload.  Before you upload your layout to a gallery, find out what these restrictions are.  Gotta Pixel currently requires layouts to be 600 x 600 pixels and 200 KB or smaller.
Crediting the designer

You will find that most galleries give you the option to credit the designer or designers who created the product you used in your layout.  We do require uploads to list which Gotta Pixel product they used but you are welcome to credit the other design’s you used as well.

Print off to frame or give away

This is something that I personally do often.  My layouts are usually pretty minimalistic and are beautiful in a 12 x 12 frame on the wall.  You can purchase 12 x 12 frames at a lot of different places, like Walmart and Target.  These have been huge hits with the family members as well.

There are several companies that have embraced 12 x 12 printing.  A couple of these are Shutterfly, Snapfish and Persnickety Prints.

Print off for a photo or brag book

This is perhaps the most popular of choices.  The beautiful thing about digital scrapbooking over traditional scrapbooking is that when you create a book, you can create multiples instead of just one.  You no longer have to pick which grandma is going to get a copy of the scrapbook you created (or if you’re going to skip them all together and keep it for yourself).  Everyone gets a book with digital.

All of the printing companies mentioned above also print photobooks.  Each will have most likely have special tools that you can use to construct the flow of the book.  Keep an eye out for coupons as almost all of them offer them from time to time.

My Photo Book

Here is a photo book that I created several years ago of my daughter.

Have you done something differently with your finished digital scrapbook layout?  We would love to hear your experience!

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