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Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop CS

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop CS

I am using Photoshop CS5 but these should work with most Photoshop programs.  Some of these shortcuts work not only in Photoshop but in other programs and even on web pages!

Finding your programs Shortcuts

Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K = Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M = Menus

When you open the shortcuts and menus in your program you will probably find more than I have listed.  I have listed the ones that I use when making pages or using templates.

Basic Shortcuts

These are some that I use all the time.  I find these the easiest to remember and the ones that I use on most pages that I make.

Ctrl + C = Copy
Crtl + V = Paste
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl + Alt + S – Save As
Ctrl + A + X + V = perfect centering
Ctrl + N = New
Ctrl + O = Open
Ctrl + W = Close
Ctrl + S = Save
Shift + Ctrl + S = Save As
Ctrl + P = Print
Shift + Ctrl + F = Fade
Ctrl + T = Free Transform
Ctrl + L = Levels
Ctrl + M = Curves
Ctrl + U = Hue and Saturation
Ctrl + B = Color Balance
Alt + Shift +Ctrl + B = Black and White
Ctrl + I = Invert
Shift + Ctrl + U = Desaturate
Alt + Ctrl + I = Image Size
Alt + Ctrl + C = Canvas Size
Ctrl + J = Layer via Copy
Shift + Ctrl + J = Layer via Cut
Ctrl + Z = Undo and Redo (Hitting the shortcut once will undo your previous action. Hitting it again will redo the last undo)
Ctrl + Alt + Z = Undo to history (Hitting this shortcut multiple times will continue to undo to previous actions)
Ctrl + Y = Redo (Recommits the last step you may have undone)

Grouping Layers

Ctrl + Alt + G = Creates a clipping mask (The clipped layer takes on the shape of the layer directly below.)
Ctrl + G = Groups selected layer with layer below (The grouped layer takes on the shape of the layer beneath. )
Ctrl + D = Deselect, this is used after you have selected a layer and need to unselect it


[ = decrease brush size
Shift + [ = decrease brush hardness or soften brush edge
] = increase brush size
Shift + ] = increase brush hardness
Alt + right click + mouse movement = brush increase or decrease

Selecting different Layers

Alt + [ = select the layer below the currently selected layer (select backward)
Alt + ] = select the layer above the currently selected layer (select forward)
Alt + , (comma) = select the bottom-most layer (select back layer)
Alt + . (period) = select the top-most layer (select front layer)
Add Shift to these shortcuts to select multiple layers

Filling areas

Alt + backspace = fill with foreground color
Ctrl + backspace = fill with background color
Add the Shift key to preserve transparency while filling (this only fills the areas containing pixels).
Shift + backspace = opens the fill dialog box
Shift + D = reset color picker to default colors (black foreground, white background)
Shift + X = swap foreground and background colors


Ctrl-+ (plus) to zoom in
Ctrl– (minus) to zoom out
Ctrl-0 (zero) fits the document to your screen
Ctrl-1 zooms to 100% or 1:1 pixel magnification

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