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How to use our chat software

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One of the features that Gotta Pixel offers is chats with some of your favorite designers. For this week’s Technical Tuesday, we are going to show you how to use the chat room!

Step 1 – Accessing the Chat Room

You can access our chat room by clicking on the chat link that is located in the header of the web site.


Step 2 – Logging into Chat

This will launch our chat program. You must have java installed and enabled on your computer in order to use the chat room. The first thing you will see is the login in screen.


To login to the chat room, simply click on the Username field and enter the name that you’d like to use within the chat room. Some chat rooms may require that you enter a password before proceeding.

If you’d like the chat room to remember your password the next time you visit, click the checkbox next to Remember Password.

If the chat instructions state to go to a specific room, you can change your room on the login screen, however, by default, most of our chats will be held in the “Chat Lobby”.

Press SIGN IN to log into the chat room.

Step 4 – Understanding the Chat Room Setup


#1 – The main chat display region is where messages appear have been sent to the chat room. All users in the room will see the same messages.

You may copy and paste content from the display by selecting the text with your mouse. To copy and paste between AddonChat and other applications, use the CTRL-C (Copy) and CTRL-V (Paste) keyboard commands.

Right click anywhere in the display region to view a menu allowing you to copy text, clear the display, set font size & style, and much more. Explanations for items whose functions aren’t apparent are provided below:

Ignore IM’s: Ignore all incoming instant messages
Font Face & Size: Here you may set the font style and size used in the main display. Other users will not see the setting you have chosen.
Show Markup: Enable or disable special markup, including text colors, HTML markup, and BBCode.
Show Time: When selected, every public message will indicate the time it was received.
Audio: Enable or disable sounds from being played.
Audio Notify: Play a short message when a public message is received.
Popup Notify: Popup a small window indicating when someone has entered a new message.

#2 – Your chat room may allow you to change your status to Away (or other available statuses) and back to Online while you are logged in. When you need to step away from your computer for a short period, or if you are consumed with an instant-message session, you may wish to change your status to Away to let other chatters know you are not available.

#3 – This allows you to switch been the list of usernames of those who are in the chat room and the chat rooms that are available for you to switch to. The Chat Lobby is the only chat room that is not password protected however, and you will need the password for the others.

#4 – The User List provides a list of all users logged into the chat system, including a list of all available chat rooms. Chat rooms are indicated by a gold door icon and users are indicated by a pawn icon.

Blue icons indicate a user with normal privileges. Green icons indicate a Guest Speaker or Celebrity. Yellow icons are reserved for Moderators. Finally, red icons are used to denote a user with administrative privileges.

You may double click on a room name to enter that room. Some rooms may prompt you for a password before continuing. Double click on a username to open up an instant message (one to one private message) with that user.

#5 – This is where you type in your public messages for the other members to see. All you have to do is click within this area and click then type in your message. To send the message hit ENTER or press the SEND button.

You may also right-click your mouse in the text input field for additional features. A input field right-click menu is shown at the right. The Emoticons and Audicons submenu allow you to quickly select an emoticon without using a popup emoticon window. The Markup window allows you to customize your message by inserting BBCode or HTML code.

The following commands may also be available to you in the chat room. To enter a command, enure the text input field is blank, and begin the command with a forward slash (/) followed immediately by one of the commands listed below. E.g., to clear the chat display, type /cls and press Enter.

User Commands:

/a “message” : Send Action Message
/clign : Clear Ignore List
/cls : Clear Screen
/help : Help & Command List
/ignore “username” : Ignore User
/join “room” “password” : Join Room
/listen “username” : Un-ignore User
/msg “username” “message” : Send Private Message
/whereis “username” : Locate user
/whoami : Your username

Next, we are going to talk about the icons that appear directly above the typing area This area allows you to control how your text is going to show to other members, emoticons and more.

– This will allow you to open a new window that allows you to change the color of your font so all future messages will be in that color

– Turn on/off Bold text in your input field. Usually bold is indicated by and BBCode commands.

– Turn on/off Italic text in your input field. Usually italic is indicated by and BBCode commands.

– Turn on/off Underline text in your input field. Usually underline is indicated by and BBCode commands.

– Emoticons are image representations of emotion, used to convey thoughts or feelings with an image that replaces a single word (trigger). The emoticon window will display emoticons available in your chat room.

Click on any emoticon to add its corresponding trigger to the input field. When you send your message to the chat room, the emoticon image will display instead of the trigger.

– Audicons, or audio emoticons, are audible representations of emotion, used to convey thoughts or feelings with a sound that replaces a single word (trigger). The audicon window will display audio emoticons available in your chat room.

Click on any audicon to add its corresponding trigger to the input field. When you send your message to the chat room, the trigger will display and the corresponding sound will be heard by all users who have audio enabled.

– This will give you access to several customizations that you can make within the chat program. You can change your text size, font, clear and copy the display, ignore private instant messages, turn on/off some of the features that show up in the conversation area.

– This increase your text size.

– This will decrease your text size.

– This will clear your conversation screen. Once you remove information, you can not bring it back into view.

– This will remove the time markers that show up in front of the messages in the conversation screen.

– This will turn off all noises that are generated by the chat software.

– This will allow you to detach the chat room into a new pop up window. This is useful if you want a bigger area as you can resize the pop up window. If you close the original window in your browser, it will remove the pop up window! When you’re done with the pop up window, just close it out and it will go back to the original window in the browser.

– This will open a help screen.

– This will log you out of the chat room.

If you have questions about this tutorial or would like to request a tutorial, please visit and post to the Tutorial Help & Request forum

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