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How to Thread or Wrap Elements

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How to Thread or Wrap Elements

For this tutorial, I will show you my technique on how to tread an element through something else.  I love doing this because it gives a different look to your page.  I feel that it makes the page more of a paper scrapbook page than a digital one.

For this tutorial we will be using Adobe Photoshop CS 5.  These instructions should work in any Adobe Photoshop program.  I will be using Project 2013: April – Mega Stash by Connie Prince for this tutorial.  For the example today I’ll just be showing you how to do this.  I will not be making a layout.  But I will be working on a 12×12 page as if I were making a layout.

Step One – Getting started

You will want to open the elements you would like to use and put them on a 12×12 canvas. For me I’m opening a string and a frame to show you how I would wrap the string around the frame.

Step 1 Opeing

Step Two — Resizing and Rotating

Rotate or resize the elements to the size you want them. You can do this after you have wrapped or threaded the string/ribbon through but I like to do it first so I do not mess up my work.

Step 2adjusting

Step Three — Arranging the elements

I want to start here because this will be the easiest to understand.  I zoom in anytime I’m working on wrapping things.  It helps me see what I am doing and which part needs to go under the frame or over it.  I also adjust my canvas window so I see more of what I am working with.

For this frame I want just the lower loop to look as if it has gone behind the photo and wrapped around it.  Once I have gotten my string in place I duplicate it.  If you decide to move this later on you need to make sure that you get both layers.  Otherwise it will mess up the effect!

Step 3 zoom in

Step Four — Wrapping the elements

Now you want to move your bottom string layer behind the frame.  Once you have it behind the frame you want to make the Duplicate String the active layer by clicking on it so that you can make it wrap around.

Step 4-1 duplicate

To make the string wrap around the frame I erase the part that is going to go behind the frame.  I scroll in more so I can make sure I get it to look like I want. With the string behind the frame you can erase just a bit more than you should and it will appear that it goes behind the frame.

Step 4-2 rearrange

Now what I do is erase every part that will be going behind the frame from your duplicate string.  I do this so that when I am ready to shadow I will have a good base shadow.

Step 4 erase

Step Five — Adding a shadow

Adding a shadow is the tricky part.  You want to shadow it so that the shadow appears to follow the string and not show where it shouldn’t.  I start by shadowing the String and then the frame and then shadowing the Duplicate String making sure it’s shadowing is the same as the Original String. By giving them the same size shadow it makes it look as if it’s one piece and not two pieces!  You can shadow with what ever size you want or like to use.

Step 5 shadow

Step Six — Adjusting the shadow

If you scroll in you can see where you have some darker shadowing than you need.  Don’t worry it’s easy to get rid of!

Step 6 shadow problem area

You will want to right click on the fx in the layers pallet on the Duplicate String layer.  Then you will click on Create Layer.

Step 6-2 creating shadow layer

And it should now look like this in the layer pallet.

Step 6-3 creating shadow layer example

Now you want to make the Duplicate String’s Drop Shadow Layer active by clicking on it. I hide the shadowing on the frame and I also hide both the string layers so that I can see what I’m working with.

Step 6-4 hide layers

Very carefully you want to erase the shadow that sticks over the frame.  I’m adding a contrast color background so I can see the shadow better.  Now you just erase the part of the shadow that sticks over the frame!

Step 6-5 showing shadow

Now it looks like this.

Step 6-6 erased shadow problem

Step Seven — Adding a photo to the frame

I’ve removed the grey background and made the String, Duplicate String and frame shadow visible again.  Plus I added a photo to the frame so you can see how it looks.

These instructions will work for a leaf or a letter too.  Here is what it would look like!

Step 7 adding photo and layers back

Here is a page where I have done this technique!  You can see that the String goes behind the frame and wraps around the ric rac.  This was made using *Jack, Jill and Joey* by Kristmess Designs

And this example you can see where I wrapped a ribbon around letters for the word art!
It was made using *Watermelon Kisses* By Kristmess Designs

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