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How to Create Digital Scrapbook Word Art

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How to Create Digital Scrapbook Word Art

Today I’ll be showing you the two ways you can make a word art.  I’ll be using Photoshop CS 5 for this tutorial.   For this tutorial I am using *Text You Later* By Connie Prince.

Making a word art using Text

Step One — Getting Started

Open a new document, any size will work and choose a font you want to work with.   I’m using an 8×8 document and the fonts I’m using is Courtney Dorkling and Marker.

Step Two — Arranging your Text

Once you know what you want your word art to say you are ready to get started.  For the tutorial I will be making a Happy Birthday Word Art just for fun!   I have typed out the words “Happy” and “to you” onto my document using the Font Marker.  And I have typed out “Birthday” in Courtney Dorkling.  As you can see I have arranged mine like I want to use them.   Use your imagination on the arrangement.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.
Image 1_TextWA

Step Three — Adjusting the text

I like to adjust my word art so it doesn’t just look like text on a page.  I am going to make the “H” bigger and the “to you” Smaller.  Now you see it looks a bit different from before.
Image 2_TextWA

Step Four — Using the Word Art

Now all that I want to do is recolor it to match the page I’m making.  What I will do is Choose a paper from the kit to group to my text.
Image 4_TextWA
Once I have the papers grouped to my text I want to add a bit of a bevel to give them some depth.

Image 5_TextWA

Now you add it to your page and you have a great text looking word art!
Image 6_TextWA

Making a word art using Alphas and a Kit

Step One — Getting Started

This is one of my favorite ways to make fun word arts.  Again I’m starting on an 8×8 document.  Open up the alpha you want to use and arrange them on the document in the order that you want them.

Step Two — Adding elements

I like to add some ribbons and some flowers to my alpha word art.  You will probably have to resize your elements so that they fit properly.
Image 7_AlphaWA

Step Three — Adding Shadows to your word art

Now once you have everything like you want it you can add your shadows and add the word art to your page!
Image 8_AlphaWA

Here is my finished page!

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