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Adding Layouts to your Favorites List

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Adding Layouts to your Favorites List

If you are like me you spend a lot of time in the gallery.  Sometimes you see a page that you think “Oh I’d like to scrap lift that”, Or just simply one that you love.  So the best thing to do is to add it to your favorites in the gallery.  Also maybe you want to put one of your own layouts in your favorites so that you can find it easy, I’ve done that with several of mine.  This tutorial will go over Adding Layouts to your Favorites List.

First, You will want to start by opening the gallery and find a layout you want to add to your favorites.

I’ll be using this layout as an example.  For this page I used Farm Friends By Connie Prince


Step 1 – Adding the layout to your Favorites

You want to scroll down until you see “User Options” on the right hand side.


Then you click “Add to Favorites”.


The layout is now added to your favorites!

Step 2 – Viewing your Favorite Layouts

Now if you wish to view your favorites to see all the beautiful layouts that you have added to the favorites you can follow these steps!

Go to the Gallery Home.


Click on “My Favorites”

My Favorties

View all the lovely and inspirational layouts you have placed in your favorites!


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