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Extractions and Out of Bounds Techniques

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Extractions and Out of Bounds Techniques

For this tutorial, you will learn about Extractions and Out of Bounds Techniques.  In digital scrapbooking,  extractions and out of bounds techniques are sometimes difficult to learn.  I have found a way to do them that I think will be easy for everyone to learn.

For this tutorial we will be using Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and a photo of my daughter from 2007..  These instructions should work in any Adobe Photoshop program.  I used No Crow Zone by Kristmess Designs to make my layout.

Step One – Understanding Extractions

First we are going to talk about extractions.  Out of Bounds will be talked about later in the tutorial and uses the same basic technique as extractions use.  Extractions are parts of photo’s that you cut out to use on your page.  You can extract people, objects or anything you would like to highlight on your page.

Step Two – Opening the Photo

I always work on my photo rather than trying to work on the layout page.  This way I don’t mess up anything on my layout and it’s easier to see what I’m working with.

open photo

Step 3 – Duplicating the Photo

To do that you right click on your photo and click duplicate or go to image and duplicate.
duplicate photo

Step 4- Hide Background Layer

This way you always have a copy of the image that you can open to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Step 5 – Tools to use for Extractions and Out of Bounds

Now there are two tools you can use to do an extraction.  The quick selection tool or the magnetic lasso tool.  I use the quick extraction tool but if your program does not have that you can use the magnetic lasso tool.  I’ll show both.

Quick Selection Tool

This is where the Quick  Selection Tool is located.
quick selection tool

Magnetic Lasso Tool

This is where the Magnetic Lasso Tool is located.


Step 6 – Selecting the area you want extracted.

It helps to scroll way in so that you can see what you are doing.  Hair is really hard to get right so you will have to decide what parts you can leave out.

Like here on my daughters hair you can see I have left some out because it’s just too hard to get it perfect.

Step 7 – Create new Layer from Selection

Once you get it selected like you want you will right click and layer via copy.  This is what mine looks like using the Quick Selection Tool
quick selection tool extraction

This is what it looks like with the Magnetic Lasso Tool.  When using this tool it I find it more effective to scroll way in!

As you can see with the Magnetic Lasso Tool it’s got some extra stuff around it that will need to be erased.

Now you are ready to put your extraction onto your layout.

Layout Example One

Here is what my extraction looks like on the page.
page with extraction

Step 8 – Understanding Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds is a way to give your photo some depth.  It brings part of the photo outside the frame or mat that you have the photo in.  I like doing out of bounds when I have a larger photo that wont quite fit into a frame the way I want it.

If you have followed the instructions on how to do an extraction you are ready to try an out of bounds!

Step 9 -Highlighting Layers

First,  You want to make the original photo visible.  And highlight both the background copy and the extracted layer. highlightbackground and extraction

Step 10 -Positioning the Layers

Next, you want to drag both of those layers onto your layout and position both of them the way you want them. dragbothtolayout

Step 11 – Fitting it into a Frame

Then you want to select the background copy photo layer and fit it into the frame. fitbackgroundphototoframe

Added before this:  Step 12 – Moving Extraction Layers

Lastly, you want to bring your extraction part above your frame. BringExtractionaboveframe

All that is left is finishing your layout.  If you need to you can erase some of your extraction to make fit in your frame.

Layout Example 2

Here is what my out of bounds looks like on the page.
page with out of bounds

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