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Double Page Layout Tutorial

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Hey Everyone, Monica here with another fun tutorial!  For this tutorial I’m going to be using Photoshop CS 6.  This tutorial should work for any program if you follow the basic steps.

Let’s Begin by explaining what a Double Page Layout is.

A double page layout is a scrapbook page that is two pages side by side.  You use Double page layouts when you print them in a book so that the two pages have the same colors or kit.  It gives it a beautiful look!

Step one – Determining size.

If you are like me and scrap 12×12 pages then you will want your double page layout to be 24 wide by 12 high.  This is essentially two pages but on one canvas.  You can do them as two separate canvas’ but I prefer to work on one large canvas so that I get a more fluid feel.

If you work on 8×11 you will want your canvas to be 16×11 so that you have two pages.

If you do not work on 12×12 or 8×11 canvas’ you can get the size you need by doubling the width of what ever size canvas you work on.

Step Two – Getting started.

You have several options when creating a double page layout.  You can start from scratch and build your own page like you want it.  You can Open two templates and use them to create a double page layout.  Or you can even find double page layout templates.  Some of the designers here at Gotta Pixel have some in their stores!   You can also use the Stacked papers that some of the lovely designers have.  The options are unlimited on how you can build your page!  It’s even possible to use Quick Pages for double page layouts.

For this tutorial I’m going to show you how I build mine from scratch.   I have opened a new canvas 24×12.  I like to have a new layer with a line down the center so that I know when I split my pages for the gallery I will know exactly where the center is so that I don’t accidentally cut something off.  However you can make your page where a paper strip goes across the whole page.  Or have a ribbon extend from one page to the next.


I will delete this line once my page is done I just like to see the middle.

Step Three – Building your page.

When you build a double page you do it like you would any other page you make. You add your papers, elements, photos, title and journaling.  Make sure you add your shadows  and if you do not want elements getting cut off when you split this for printing or for sharing in a gallery make sure to keep them off that center line!

Here is my finished page still with the layers so you can see what I’ve done!


For my Page I have used Teal For Two Kit, Borders, Shabby Papers and Stacked Papers by  Kristmess Designs.

Step Four – Splitting the Page.

I always save the layered file of my page so I can make changed if I need to.  I like to leave my grey center line on top and flatten the layers.  Now that I have my page done I like to split it apart so that when I print it or I put it in the gallery.  There are two ways to do this.   This is where your center grey line will come in handy!

1.) You can use your Rectangle Marquee tool and hold down shift and select a perfect square starting at the left hand side.  Once you have the left side selected right click and layer via copy and then move the left side to a 12×12 canvas and save.  Do the same for the Right side starting at the right hand side of the 24×12 canvas.



2.) You can select the crop tool and select one side of your page and save it. Then all you do is control + alt + z and undo your crop and do the other side!


Make sure when you save it that you put Left and Right on them or 1 and 2.  How ever you’d like to save them!

Here is my finished page!
Here is the left side.
Here is the right side.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!  I look forward to seeing what you all create using this!

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