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DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom

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DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom

I have two kids, and for many years, one of the smallest bathrooms you have ever seen.  Quickly figuring out how to organize everything became increasingly more important as my children got older.  When you have small areas, figuring out how to use every inch of room becomes monumentally urgent.  And because I am a creative, organization need to balance with looking nice (I know, crazy).  Thank heavens for the internet!!

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom

Use a shower rod to hang baskets


Little kids like to play with toys in the tub (at least mine did).  Coming up with a solution on what to do with those toys always posed a problem.  You need storage that allows the toys to drain, as you don’t want mildew, but you can’t just put storage like that on the floor or in the sink.  This idea is perfect.  It gets the toys out of the tub so you can take a shower in the morning without stepping on the pointing sword fish and allows the toys to drain.

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom - Ring Holder

Create a special Ring Holder


This one would work great for both the kitchen and the bathroom.  Here is a true story for you.  My husband would take off his wedding ring before showering each day.  One day, he took it off, showered, got out and forgot to put it back on.  When he came back 8 hours later it was gone.  Poof.  No where to be seen again.  We searched the entire house and we never found it.  My guess is that a child wandered through and saw “The Precious” and took off with it… but how cool would it of been had we had this hung on the wall up high for both his ring and mine?

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom - Use Pretty Bottles

Use pretty bottles to store liquids


When I was growing up, my grandmother’s bathroom had a shelf at the front of the tub.  On top of the shelf, she kept all the shampoos and soaps.  She wouldn’t keep the shampoo in their regular bottles, instead she would use glass liquor canisters to hold the shampoo.  It was simply beautiful and something that I remembered very strongly from my childhood.  We now do the same thing, but with bubble bath.  The glass canisters are really beautiful with the colored soaps.  We would keep it on the back of the toilet and it look fantastic (unlike just sticking the bubble bath bottle there).

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom - Using Mason Jars

Use Mason Jars to store bathroom supplies


I use mason jars in almost every room of my house.  In our bathroom, we use them for toothbrushes and q-tips.  I have a wooden box that they sit inside of as well, but that isn’t’ required.  I really like them for toothbrushes as it gives the brushes something to drain into.  You will want to clean that one out on a regular basis though!

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom - Under sink bins

Use Bins in under sink areas


I’m not entirely sure why no one has come up with a universal shelving unit for under sinks.  This has been, for most of my life, the biggest area that is just wasted space, and that bugged me.  I decided I needed to take back that wasted space and found some great bins at the Dollar Store.  I stopped storing cleaning supplies under there and started using it for things that I really needed to access on a daily basis.

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom - Kids Toothbrush Project

Use Cups to Organize by Kids


My son uses a red toothpaste.  My daughter wouldn’t dream of using the “baby” toothpaste and uses the same as we use.  So this idea really appealed to me!  And not hearing “Keep your toothbrush away from mine” is always nice!

DIY Projects to Organize your Bathroom - Get rid of the toilet brush

Hide the Toilet Brush


I have one word for my toilet brush.  Ewwwwwww.  I know that there is nothing visually there, but that thing just grosses me out!  I don’t want it sitting out for people (me) to see!  So now I’m on the hunt for a vase to hide it in!

How do you organize your bathroom?  Share your tips and ideas in the comments!

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