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Digital Scrapbooking Layout Design Styles

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Digital Scrapbooking Layout Design Styles

There are many ways to make digital scrapbooking layouts fit your style and occasion. There is a digital scrapbooking layout design style for every personality. In this tutorial, I will show you some styles, and then it is up to you to make them your own.

Traditional Page Design

Traditional design style comes directly from traditional photo albums–the photos are aligned with just enough embellishment to enhance the page. Often, multiple photos are used to tell a story. Photo matting or framing is simple just as if you are making a paper scrapbook. This design style is all about structure and balance.

Classic design can include a few tilted photos to add interest to the layout. Jonyce used the Perfect Pizza Collaboration Kit by Aprilisa Designs and Word Art World to document her family’s night of pizza making.

Pizza Night by Jonyce

White Space Design

White Space layouts keep the focus on one item (usually a photo) by using white space (open areas on the layout without embellishment, photos or text) and  using  a limited amount of embellishments. Backgrounds are often neutral but always simple, while embellishments can be any color or type as long as they complement the photo. In this layout, the photo and elements take up just a small part of the page, but they make a big statement.

Oliver by Blackkathy used Family Branches by Kathryn Estry to create this layout. She used empty space and and a simple ribbon to draw our eye to the photo.

Oliver by Blackkathy

A simple design doesn’t have to be neutral and serious. Here, berniek uses bright color in her layout, Sunshine Makes Me Happy, made with Garden Daydream by Mandy King.

Sunshine Makes Me Happy by berniek

Assemblage (Clustered and Layered)

In this style, photos, papers and embellishments are layered together for a design with great texture and interest. Photos are sometimes arranged at various angles and clustered together, surrounded by the layers of papers and embellishments that are the cornerstone of this style. This style can be anything from formal with straight lines and realistic elements, to informal with tilted papers and whimsical or doodled elements. Using realistic shadows is a key element to making an assemblage design shine.

As an example of assemblage, this layout by chigirl is informal with tilted and layered papers. She used Springtime Kit and Springtime Template by Connie Prince.

Hoppy Day by chigirl

The possibilities are endless with this style. Here is a layout that layers papers and elements to look like they are lifting off of the page. Saviscrap used Cocoa Cuddles by Bekah E Designs.

My Beautiful Day by Saviscrap

You can even layer papers and ribbons to create a background like wagsmom did with Star Struck vol. 15: Stacy A #2 Template Pack by Trixi Scraps Designs and Sailor Duck by North Meets South Studios.

Bradford by wagsmom

Photo Blend

Showcase a favorite photo by turning it into a work of art. The photo is blended with  background paper. Since the focus is on the photo, usually minimal details are added although there may be a decorative edge or word art. This design is often achieved by using a pre-made photo mask such as The Touch of Winter Photo Mask Template Collection used below by Indigo Designs.

Touch of Winter by Indigo Designs

Although this page by NMarti has a heavily clustered border using Silvia Romeo’s Oceanside Kit, the emphasis is on the beautiful blended photo.

Joy by NMarti

 Geometric / Blocked Design

A main feature of this style is a geometric design–squares, rectangles, circles. Sometimes there are lots of photos; other times, a clean and simple design is achieved. This example, by peaceful angel, shows the grid layout popular with this style. Templates can make this style quick and easy to achieve; this layout uses Simple Set 3 Templates  and Outdoor Play Collection by Lindsay Jane.

Teapot by Peaceful Angel

Making layouts with hexagons has become very popular. Here, AmieN1 incorporates the shapes for both paper and photos. She made this page using the Smells Like Christmas Collection by Jen C Designs.

Our Li'l Family by AmieN1


Fantasy style layouts take the subject of a photo and place it into fantasy-like scenes. Fantasy layouts are less about preserving a memory and more about creating an artistic representation of a memory.

In this beautiful fantasy page, lulutoo created a magical scene. The only part of the scene that is real is the baby  with his hat and blanket but is looks like he belongs right where he is. Fantasy layouts require fantasy-style digital scrapbooking kits. This page uses Enchanted Forest Page Kit by Kristmess Designs.

Quiet by lulutoo

Elements don’t have to be realistic in fantasy layouts. In this page, the little girl’s photo was extracted and blended with the painted elements using a water color effect . The elements used to created this layout are from Eggstra Special Friends by Kristmess Designs.

Easter Egg Hunt by chai

Artsy Design

Anything goes with this design style. The key to this style is self-expression using any type of technique, color or materials. This type of design is usually used for art journaling but it is always used to create a piece of art. This Artist Trading Card (ATC) was made by Pups_r_paps using Destination Vacation by Word Art World.

By Your Side - ATC 2013-02

Artsy layouts can have photos. In this page, byhelengullet creates an artsy style even though the placement of elements is fairly classic by using interesting materials like stitches, staples, tape and a wonderful photo treatment. She used Mr. Awesome page kit by Pixelily Designs.

Hey Mr. Awesome byhelengullet

Now it’s your turn. I hope you will use these designs to inspire you and help you find your own unique style.

If you have questions about this tutorial or would like to request a tutorial, please visit and post to the Tutorial Help & Request Forum.

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