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Crediting Your Layouts

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Crediting Your Layouts

This tutorial will go over the process of crediting your layouts.  Giving proper credit on your layouts is very important when uploading to any gallery.

Step 1: Tracking Your Supplies

There are several ways to do this and everyone has their favorite…

  • Open up a document in Word or Notepad and keep track by listing your supplies. I find this the easiest option because I can then copy and paste the whole list when I’m ready to upload to a gallery.
  • You can also rename your layers in your scrapping program right on your layout.
  • Good ‘ol pen and paper works fine too.

Step 2: Listing for Galleries

List all the kits, alphas, templates, and fonts that you used while creating your layout. Also keep track of the url links to each product.

Screen Shot 2 AM Girl

You can find the url at the top of your browser. Copy the link and paste it into your Word or Notepad document in the following format:

[url= ]2 AM Girl Time Page Kit by Stacy Carlson[ / url]

Be sure to remove extra spaces before posting.

Now your credits will be complete and linkable to the store.

If you have questions about this tutorial or would like to request a tutorial, please visit and post to the Tutorial Help & Request Forum.

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