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How to create a Wavy Border

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Hello Everyone!  Monica here with another Tutorial for you!  In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a Wavy Border for your page!  I am using Photoshop CS 6 for this tutorial but this should work with any Photoshop program.   I am also using Dream Page Kit by Stacy Carlson.  This is a Pixel Club Exclusive and can be found here!


Getting Started

First you need to open up a new canvas the size you want to use. Or you can do this directly on the layout you have started! For this tutorial I’m going to work on a blank canvas so it is easier to see what I am doing!


Step One: Creating the selection for the border

Once you have open a canvas or a layout you need to select an area the size of the border you want to make. To do this I use the Rectangular Marquee Tool. You want to make sure you have a new layer so that you are working on a separate layer then the background.


Then I make a selection the size that I want my border to be. This selection can be on the right, left, top, bottom or middle of your page. If you do it in the middle of your page your wave will be on both sides of your selection! I am going to select the Left side of my page because I like to work on that side. Your selection can be any size you want!


Now that you have your selection, you need to fill it with any color you want. I use grey just because it’s easy on my eyes and it is usually the color in my color pallet! Then make sure you deselect the shape you just created.


Step Two: Creating the Wave

Now that you have a shape you want to go to Filter, Distort, Wave. You should have a box pop up that looks like this.


What you want to adjust is the Wavelength area.  This will stretch the length of the wave,  The top slider will also move the bottom one.  If you move the slider on the Amplitude box it will make the depth of the wave larger.  Watch the preview box and once you get it like you want it Click Ok in the top right corner.


Once you click Ok you will have a pretty wave on your page that you can color to match or use a paper to clip to it so that it matches the kit you are using!


If you created a wave in the middle of your page it will look like this!



You can now finish your page and have a beautiful border on your page. Remember your wave can be any size or have as many or as few waves as you want!

Thanks for reading the tutorial!

Here is a page I created with the wavy borders I made in this tutorial!

Made using *Dream Page Kit* By Stacy Carlson

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