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How to Create a Punched-Out Effect

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Hey everyone! Monica here with another fun tutorial. I’m sure you have all seen these layouts with punched out looking shapes. Today I’m going to show you how to do those! For today’s Tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS 6. I’ll be using a Daily Download Kit by Connie Prince called *Love Birds*. You can join the Pixel Club here!

How to Create a Punched-Out Effect-2

Step 1 — Getting Started

You can do this on a page you have started or on a new page and then scrap around it. I’m going to show you how to punch out shapes and words so that you know how. At the end I’ll show you my finished page!

If you want to start on a new page open up the papers you want to use. You can arrange your papers anyway you want I just wanted a solid paper on the top for journaling!


Now you need to decide where you want your punch outs on the page. You could do them at the edge or under a photo. I’m going to start by doing one under a photo. Here is the photo I’m going to use.


Step 2 — Punching the Shapes out

Now you choose what shape you want as a punch out. I’m going to choose a large circle under my photo. Your cutout can be any size you want! Your shape needs to be behind the photo on top of the paper you want to punch out! Make sure you highlight the shape layer.


Get you Magic Wand tool and click on your shape. You may have to rasterize your shape in order to use your Magic Wand on it.


Now you want to Highlight the paper layer and right click on the shape and layer via cut or just hit the delete button. And then hide your shape and control d to deselect it!


You have now made a punch out!

Step 3 — Adding Shadows

You will want to add a shadow to this to make it look like a punch out. Otherwise it will just look like a cut out. Here are the settings I used.


Here is what mine looks like


Now you just finish your page as you would like to. You can do the same thing to letters just make sure you catch all the parts of the letters! When you are selecting the letters hold down shift to select the insides of the letters. You will also want to right click and select inverse so that you are only selecting the letters and not the whole page!


Final thoughts

Now that you know how to Punch out objects you can punch out anything you want on your page. Maybe you want to punch out part of a frame or a flower.  You can do that now!

You can also put things behind the paper you Punched out so that it’s peeking through! Here is my finished page! You can see I added a few more Punch outs to get the effect I want!  Thanks for reading this Tutorial!!


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