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How to create a desktop background

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Hello Everyone!  Monica here with another tutorial for you! I’d like to talk about Desktop backgrounds. I know I like to have a pretty background for my desktop. I like to have photos of my children displayed on it and I like to have a calendar on mine so I can see what birthday’s and anniversaries re coming up. With a desktop background you can put anything you want!

Today I’ll be using *Project 2014: March – Life in Color Mega Stash* and *2014 8.5×11 Centerfold Calendar Templates* By Connie Prince.  I am using Photoshop CS6.

Getting Started

Before you can make your desktop background you need to know what size you are going to need. To do this right click on your background and look for Screen Resolution.


Once you click on it there should be a box that pops up like this.


Your Resolution is here. You do not want to mess with this you just need the numbers you see.


Mine says 1366×768. This is a typical screen size. If you have a double screen you will need 2732×768.

Step One

You will need to open your scrapbook program. And make a new canvas. If you have a single monitor set up use 1366×768.


If you have a double monitor set up use 2732×768.


I have a double screen set up but I’ll start by showing you a single screen set up. Once you have your canvas open you can decide what kit you want to use and how many photos you would like to use.

Once you have that chosen it is time to work on your background. You can place what ever paper you want as a background.


Now arrange your elements and photos as you with.


Add a calendar if you would like!


Now you save. I always save the psd file just in case I need to adjust something! When you are saving. Make sure you save one that is the full size. If you resize it to 600 pixels it will not fit on your screen!

Since I have a double screen monitor set up here is what Mine looks like finished!


Step Two

Now we need to add this beautiful background to our desktop. I have windows 7 so how you add might be a little different.

First you want to right click on your destop.


Then if you use windows 7 you will click on Personalize. This box will pop up.


You will click Desktop Background


Then you click browse…


It will pop up a box. Find the folder you saved your background to. And click ok.


Now you can see what was in the folder. If you hover over each one you can find the correct one. You want to make sure you select the full size one!


Now you see where it says Picture Position. If you are doing a double monitor you want to leave it to Tile. If you are using a single screen monitor you want to use either Fill or Fit. Which ever does not cut off your image.


Once you have that set click Save changes.


Now you can close out any boxes you have open and enjoy your beautiful new scrapbooked desktop background!!


Final thoughts

Making a desktop background allows you to show off your skills to people who may visit your home or office. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me in the forum! I’ll be happy to help anyway I can!!


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