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How to Blend a Photo into a Background

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How to Blend a Photo into a Background

Hello Everyone! Monica here, today we are going to be talking about blending photos into a background on your scrapbook page! For this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS 6. I have tested these instructions in PSE 11 and they will work. I’m going to be using Sassy Sweet Bundle and Sassy Sweet Word Art by Connie Prince and Beautiful Memories Vol 17 by Indigo Designs for this Tutorial.


Let’s start off by talking about what it means to blend a photo. When you blend a photo into the background you are really just adjusting the opacity of the photo so that the background shows through. It can show through a little or a lot. You can also erase parts of the edges so your photos has a soft feel to it, but you do not have to do this. You can even use a mask to help you blend the photo.

Step One – Getting Started

You will need to either layer a couple of papers you want to use or grab a Predeco paper. You will also need to open a photo. I have opened a PreDeco paper and a photo. Go ahead and put your photo onto your page.


Now if you want to use a mask go ahead and open the mask and clip your photo to it. I have made my photo black and white since I’m using such a bright colored page.


Step Two – Blending

You can adjust your photo to what ever size you want. You can have a large photo or a smaller photo that all depends on your likes. This is the size I will be working with. Also think about where you want to place your photo on the page.


Once you have it adjusted and in place where you want it now you can start blending it.

In PSCS you can find the Opacity and Fill on the right had side of your layers pallet.


In PSE 11 there is only an Opacity slider for adjusting. It is also on the top right hand side of your layers pallet.


To blend your photo you want to adjust both the opacity and Fill. This will give your photo a more blended look if you adjust both.

I am going to start by adjusting the opacity of my photo. You need to make sure that your photo layer is selected. Then you just move the Opacity slider to your desired opacity.


As you can see at 79% I can see the photo but also it has a pink hue to it. This is what I want for my page. You can move yours down more to blend it more in the background but remember we still have to adjust the Fill of the photo.


Now you will adjust the fill slider the same way you did opacity just until you like the look of the photo.


By adjusting the fill you can see how it shows more of the paper but you still see the photo.


You want to make sure when you add shadows to your page to leave the shadow off of this photo or it will not look blended!


Step Three – Erasing Edges Option

If you would rather not use a mask you can blend the photo with the edges hard like they are.


Or you can use a grunge brush or a soft brush to erase the edges of your photo to soften them.

To do this choose your eraser tool.


And choose a soft mechanical brush. Or any grunge brush you want. I’m using the Soft Mechanical brush as an example


Then you just go around your photo erasing the parts you want to.


I just wanted to take the sharp edge off my photo.

Final thoughts

Blending techniques can be used for anything! Papers, paint splats, photo masks or anything you want to blend together. The options are endless and the end result is beautiful!

Here is my finished page!


Here is a Screenshot Video I made showing these steps!

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