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How to Add a Signature to the Forum

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How to Add a signature

Hey Everyone, Monica here with another fun tutorial for you! Today I’ll be talking about How to Add a signature to the Forum. The kit I’m using is *Easter Fun Kit and Easter Fun Alpha* By Connie Prince.


Adding a signature to your posts in the forum are a way of showing off your real name or user name in the forum. You can make them as simple as you want or as elaborate as you would like.

Here is the signature I made.

Step One — Making sure your signature will show

You want to go to the Forum,, then up top where you see your user name. Click on settings.


Now you want to scroll down until you see this.


Click on General Settings


Now you should see this.


Scroll down to find Thread Display Options


You want to make sure you Check Show Signatures. This will make your signature visible to others! Once you have that checked scroll all the way down to the bottom and click Save Changes.


Now you are ready to insert your signature.

Step Two — Adding your Signature

You want to upload your signature to the GP gallery. Here is mine.

You will need to scroll down a little bit and copy the Direct link.


Now scroll up to the top. Click on Settings again.


Scroll down again until you see Edit Signature.


Click Edit Signature. Now your screen will look like this! Mine already shows the signature because I already had it added.


You need to click on the little picture looking box.


Then paste your direct link in the box and click ok.


Now you need to click save changes.


Now your Signature is added to your posts!

If you want to preview your signature click on My Profile up at the top.


And click About Me.

Scroll down a little and there is your beautiful Signature!


Final Thoughts

Your Signature can be either PNG or JPG. Mine is saved as a jpg with a white background so that it blends into the page at GP. You can include photos in your signature or just your name!

Just be sure you follow the Signature Guidelines at Gotta Pixel! They can be found here.  The following are what the guidelines say.

Signature Guidelines

Each member may include one clickable, off-site link (text or blinkie) in their signatures. They may link to their personal Facebook page (no fan pages), personal Twitter account or personal blog.

Blinkies or images that are not larger than 150px wide by 50px high are the only images that can be clickable in your signature.

Please keep any other images within your signature 400px wide by 150px high unless it’s a Gotta Pixel sponsored image. Sponsored images are ones that Gotta Pixel has created for sales, events, activities and provide for you to place in your signature.

Please do not include more than 8 images in your signature.

We have a great group of ladies (Pixel Praisers) who help keep our galleries and forums active and also help to moderate when an occasions arises. They do periodically check signatures and will, per managements request, edit your signature if it does not meet the above guidelines or the following:

  • The linked site/page contains material that is not family friendly.
  • The link in your signature is bad or broken.
  • The link in your signature demonstrates advertising for competing stores, designers.
  • We do understand that being on a creative team is fun and something to be proud of. We want to encourage those who are on the creative teams for Gotta Pixel designers to wear their badge proudly in their signature. However, if you are creative for an off-site designer, we respectfully ask that this not be included in your signature.
  • The linked site contains products or services for sale.

It will be up to the discretion of the Praisers whether a link in a post or your signature is considered advertising. They will send you a little note letting you know why the change was made.


If you would like to view a video of this tutorial please click play below!  If you would like to see more videos please leave a comment or pm sparky_mom and let me know!!

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