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How to add selective coloring to a black and white photo.

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How to add selective coloring to a black and white photo

Hello Everyone! Monica here, today we are going to be talking how to add selective coloring to a black and white photo. This is a great way to add a little bit of a pop to your black and white photos. I am using Photoshop CS 6 for this Tutorial. For this tutorial, I will be using *Hues Vivacious Violet Kit, Hues Vivacious Violet Messy Paper Pack and Hues Vivacious Violet Add on Alpha Pack* By Connie Prince.


When you have a black and white photo sometimes you just want to add a little pop to it. The best way to do that is to add a bit of color to your photo. It can be a flower in the photo or a child’s shirt or dress. Maybe just the child’s eyes. Adding that touch of color makes the photo more interesting and gives it something extra special! You can make the item you want to recolor any color. I’ll show you how!

Step One — Getting Started

I like to work with just the photo. I open it in my program and duplicate it twice!


Step Two — Adjusting the Photo

The first thing you want to do is hide the top layer, mine is named Duplicate #2.


Now that you have it hidden. Click on the duplicate you want to work with. Mine is called Duplicated #1.


Now that you have the the correct layer to active you want to make this layer black and white. To do that you can go to Image > Adjustments > Black and White, or ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+B.


It will bring up up a box and you can adjust the depth of darkness that you want.


Here are the settings I used for my photo.


Once you have it like you want it you are ready to move on!

Step Three — Getting Ready to Recolor

Now you want to select your top most layer, mine is named Duplicate #2, and make it visible again.


For me I want her dress to be purple. So I’m going to use my quick selection tool.


I will go around the photo and select all of the dress. Take your time on the selection. You want it to look right and not miss some of it. Here is my selection.


Now I’m going to right click and choose select inverse so that the selection now around everything but the dress.


Then you want to click delete so that all you have left is the object you want to recolor.


Now you are ready to recolor the object you selected.

Step Four — Recoloring the Photo

I want the dress to match the purple in the kit I’m going to use. I am going to open one of the solid purple papers so that I can get the color correct.


Now you can see what color I want to use. You want to change the color in your little pallet on the left.


With the duplicate #2 layer selected, You are ready to recolor. You can go to Image>Adjustments>Hue and Saturation or CTRL+U.


It will bring up this box.


You need to check the colorize box.


Now you can adjust the sliders until it matches the color you want to use. Here is what mine looks like.


When you are ready to move your photo onto your layout, you need to make sure you flatten the photo or merge the duplicate layers. If you are going to save your photo make sure you rename it. This way you still have the original!

Final thoughts

You can add color to any photo no matter if it’s black and white or sepia tone. Adding a pop is a great way to help your photo match the kit you are using. It’s easy to do and can change your photo up just enough to make it different!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions please message me on Gotta Pixel, I’m sparky_mom there! I’ll be glad to help!

Here is my final page!


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