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How to add a quick border to your photo in PSE11.

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How to add a quick border to your photo in PSE11

Hello Everyone! Monica here, today we are going to be talking about how to quickly add a border to your photo using a stroke in Photoshop Elements 11. I will be using *Puppy Dogs Kit* By Connie Prince


When you add a border around your photo it helps the photo to stand out on the page a bit more. By using a stroke to add the border you can make it any color you want. Borders help when you have a busy background. It’s also great to add a border when the kit you are using may not have a solid paper. By adding a solid color border to your photo you can help it to grab attention!

Step One — Where to find Stroke

In Photoshop CS 6 there are two places you can find Stroke. The First one is down at the bottom of your layers pallet in the FX area.


Then you need to click on Styles.


Next click on the drop down tab and find strokes.


The Second place you can find Stroke is by going to Edit > Stroke.


Now that you know where they are you can use them.

Step Two — Using Stroke

To use the stroke you can select it either way that I mentioned above. Make sure the active layer in your layers pallet is the one you want to add the stroke too.

Once you are ready to use the stroke it will open this box.


You will want to change the size to the size you want. This is personal preference. If you want a large border then make the size larger. If you want a thin border you make the size smaller. If you have a smaller photo it’s size will need to be smaller, if you add the same size border to your small photo as you do your larger one then your borders will not be the same size. You will have to adjust each size on your different size photos if you want them to look the same.

Next you want to choose a Position.

If you use outside it is going to give you rounded corners.


If you choose Inside it’s going to give you a sharp corner.


If you choose Center it’s going to give you a smoother rounded corner.


You can mess with the blend mode if you want but I like to leave it on normal.

Now you can adjust the Fill Type. For me I will use a solid color. You can use a gradient or pattern if you like but I would rather have a solid color so my photo will pop on the page.

Now I have created borders on my photos and made them stand off the page a bit more! You can make your borders any color you want by changing the color in the color box.


Final thoughts

When adding borders to your photo this is a quick way to do it. I don’t have to cut a paper and try to perfectly center the photo onto the cut out I created. There are not jagged edges from the cut out. No odd resizing. You can make the border any color you want. It allows you to use more patterned papers from the kit and still have your photos pop off the page!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions please message me on Gotta Pixel, I’m sparky_mom there! I’ll be glad to help!

Here is my finished page!


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