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7 Simple Ways to Organize your Office

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010815_blogBefore I moved to an office outside of my home, my office at home was, by far, the most important room in my house.  We didn’t have a room that I could dedicate to my office, but we did have a small little corner in our living room that was perfect for a desktop.  I painted the back wall a nice calming blue and with the help of my dad, we installed shelves that would be used for my office area.

Setting up the shelves was only the first part.  The area needed to inspire me.  It needed to be beautiful and creative.  I happened to have an old frame that I picked up at the thrift store, so we cut out a piece of peg board, painted it and put it in the frame.  I found a lamp at a garage sale and some little red buckets, and added accessories as I went along, so that eventually I had a corner that was functional and inspirational.  What used to be a dull, boring corner of our living room was now my favorite area in the house.

Now that I’ve moved into an office outside of my home, inspiration is no different.  If I was going to spend 8 hours in a room, it was going to be MINE!

Organizing your office is as much about how it looks as how it functions!

010815_blog_01 #1 Shower Board as a White Board


If you need a dry erase board and don’t want to spend a ton, take a look at shower board.  It usually comes in 32 square feet (link to Home Depot) and $13 per board.  The Home Depot near me cut mine down for me so I had the exact size I needed.  It works just like a dry erase board and if you put some trim around it, it looks very charming on the wall.  I have mine in my office with holiday lights around the edges.


#2 Use Clipboards


You can pick up a pack of clipboards from Staples and hang them on the wall for the papers that you access frequently.  I put our menu on one in the kitchen and a calendar in the one in my office.  You can paint them, adorn them with decals, stickers or washi tape and they look super cute on the wall.


#3 Use a File Box for your Command Center


I have to say that this was a life changer for me.  I bought one of these boxes at Target and set up my folders.  When I get the mail, I go directly to the file box and as I open, I immediately file each piece of mail where it goes.  When I empty out backpacks, I do the same thing.  I have a folder for Shred, Boy Child, Miss S., Insurance, Bills, Keepsakes.  Gone are the piles of mail sitting on my desk.


#4 Use Picture Frames


I’ve utilized this idea in several areas of my home.  Picture frames can be picked up pretty cheaply (check your thrift stores and garage sales).  If you don’t like the color of the frame or want to add a bit of customization you can spray paint them.  You can use a dry eraser marker on the glass to write in information and it easily and quickly cleans off.


#5 Make your own Desk Caddy


This is a fun project that the kids could easily help with.  Remember, organizing your office (or anything else in your house) can be done at a minimal cost.  And with Pinterest at your finger tips, there are endless ideas to spark your inspiration.


#6 Hang Folders Bins on the Wall


Assign a bin to each person in the house and file things away as soon as they come into the house!  Go through them once a week or month and file things where they need to go long term.


#7 Hide the Cords!


I hate cords.  I set up everything so that I have as few exposed cords as possible.  This is a great idea for keeping your cords in check!

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