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7 Simple Ways to Organize your Craft Room Today

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I love my craft area.  I love the colors and the textures and the inspiration that it can give me.  What I don’t love is how unorganized it can become and how overwhelming it can feel to get it straightened up and to banish the chaos.  However, wanting to have my craft room scream “INSPIRATION” was my holiday goal.

With any organization task I undertake, I have a process.  The basement (where my craft room is) is where everything went to die.  In order to put my craft room together, I had to tackle the basement as well.  Talk about overwhelming.

Start with empty boxes.  I line up about 6 empty boxes and I start sorting.  For our basement, the boxes were divided up into categories; crafts, photography, toys, keepsakes, school supplies, office.  I had one box for donate and one can for garbage.

I went through each thing that was out of place in the basement and put it in a box.  If it didn’t have a box, I spent some time thinking about if it was really something I wanted to keep.  A lot was donated, some was tossed, and everything, was in a box.

After the boxes were sorted and the basement was done with the first round of organization, I focused on one box at a time.  I have areas set up in my basement for each thing so I just focused on that area, one at a time.

My craft area is organized by small shoe boxed sized totes.  Each are labeled with what is inside.  I usually have about 2 different things in each one; googley eyes and sequins or ribbons and bows.  I have found that having everything the same size and shape helps me organize and find things later on.

So, after 4 hours in the basement, everything was organized, put away, labeled and ready for more inspiration and creativity.


#1 Use Tin Cans


I print off my favorite digital scrapbook paper and use it to organize the tin cans and paint cans.  Make sure to sand down the edges of the cut lid if you are using tin cans and clean them out really well.


#2 Use Mason Jars


This idea can be used all over the house.  I have some of these in my kitchen for spices, in my bathroom for cotton balls and q-tips and in my craft room for smaller craft items.  Spray paint the lids, glue the knobs on and you’re good to go.  Keep an eye at your thrift store or a recycled building material shop for knobs.  You can always paint those another color as well.


#3 Use Glass Container for Scraps


This one captured me with the color and textures!  I love fabrics and have a hard time throwing away the scraps.  With a jar like this, I get to keep the scraps that I will use for another project later and it is beautiful.  You could keep ribbons in this way as well!


#4 Use Clothes Pins for Yarn


My daughter went through a phase where she made friendship bracelets and we had a ton of yarn left over.  This idea ended up being perfect for taming the mess that was once in a box!


#5 Use Peg Boards


I’ve talked about peg board before.  Paint it a different color and hang it on the wall and it gives you an endless number of options on how to hang and organize containers.


#6 Use Wire Shelves to store the paint


I don’t know about you, but we have a billion bottles of paint and finding a quick and easy way to store them eluded me until I saw this!  We hung it in an area where they kids can easily get to it so that they could pick out the colors they wanted for the random projects.




I will be honest and say that I could put IKEA on every single post that I do about organization.  If you have one near you, take some time to visit.  Pay attention to how they have their demonstration rooms set up because they have done a brilliant job and packing things into small areas.

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